Dr. Robert Burns - Dallas - Texas


Our tradition of care meets the technology of today.

Enter the office of Dr. Robert Burns and you immediately know you are in a place where you will be treated as the individual you are, with care and treatment options customized to your particular needs. Instead of a large corporate medical practice with a hospital-like environment, the office is quiet and nurturing. The staff is deeply experienced. Many have been with Dr. Burns for a decade or more.

Personal Care
You will notice our approach is different from the first time you call. A person answers the phone, not a machine. Because Dr. Burns is a single practitioner, he knows every patient personally and will always be the doctor who you see. Even if you call after hours, in most circumstances you will be speaking with Dr. Burns within ten minutes.

Your Time Is Valuable
We respect you and your time and strive for minimal waiting time in our office. We will usually see you almost as soon as you walk in. In our office, you will find an environment where we don’t just treat your cancer, we work with you and your family to ensure the approach not only provides access to the most up-to-date treatments, but also accommodates the patient’s personal requirements. This comprehensive approach results in successful outcomes for the patients and their families.

Customized Treatment
Dr. Burns has a life-long commitment to learning and staying at the forefront of his profession. He stays up-to-date on the latest cancer advances and, because he is so close to his patients, is able to match the best treatment with each patient.

We Are Always With You
We pride ourselves in partnering with the patient to provide outstanding care. Thousands of families in North Texas over the last 30 years have trusted us to lead them through the treatment process with care and sensitivity. We believe in patients who are as knowledgeable as possible and take the time to educate and teach families about the disease and treatment. Our goal is to keep your disease controlled and to add to your longevity. Our end-of-life care maintains the same personal approach. “I’m your doctor and I’ll always be with you, even at the end,” says Dr. Burns.

To discover our comfortable and compassionate approach, call our office:
214-324-2823. We’ll lead the way through treatment for you and your family.
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American Society of Clinical Oncologists
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